Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CHIUStream Special #1: Interview with Stephen Silver!

Stephen gave some great insights and advice for artists! Thanks so much for taking the time out to chat in this interview!

Stephen also came up with the topic "Cowboy" to draw and paint during the interview.
The winner of the challenge won a Stephen Silver original drawing of his own version of Cowboy.

From all the Chiustreamers and everyone at Imaginism Studios, thank you so much Stephen! It was awesome!! Here is Stephen Silver's version of "Cowboy" that Ben Hickling has won:

For those who are not familiar with Stephen Silver. He is a character designer in the Television Animation industry who has developed the characters for Kevin Smith’s “Clerks the Animated Series”, Disney’s “Kim Possible” and Nickelodeons “Danny Phantom”. He believe there are three treasures to success in life: Determination, Passion, and Desire. These are the three rules he live by, thereby giving him what it takes to keep on drawing. For more information about Stephen Silver, you can visit his BLOG, or WEBSITE

Check out the interview with Stephen Silver!

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